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Our story | francdesign
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francdesign | graphic and web design based in coral gables-miami, florida
our services and portfolio range from web design to print experience. we offer solid branding and communication solutions, but it’s really our personalized service that makes the difference.
francdesign is a web design and branding studio based in coral gables, our team has over 30 years of experience in responsive web design, social media, branding, print, graphic design and digital communications
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– “DONE” means we did a good job. We only say it when we know our clients have a smile on their faces because we’ve achieved great creative. We are proud of the relationships we have nurtured over the years with our clients. True, our services and portfolio range from web design to print experience, and we offer solid branding and communication solutions. But it’s really our personalized service that makes the difference. We are your team – no middleman here. Unless you count Curly Sue, our delightful barking secretary, who greets you at the door.

franz franc
Creative Director / Founder

Franz’s formal training in the visual arts started in Vienna and New York, and has continued in a hands-on way for more than 30 years in Coral Gables, Florida. A virtuoso at crafting effective visual communications and branding, his group’s clientele spans every size and type, private and public, from niche brands to global plays. Adept at all aspects of branding and communications, he combines fresh creative with a finely-honed business sense. Away from the office his passions are fine food and wine, shaggy dogs, and challenges of every stripe.

Maria Laura Garza
Art Director

Art director and graphic design wizard Maria Laura Garza has more than fifteen years’ experience creating effective graphic solutions for clients in the U.S. and Latin America. By focusing intensely personal attention and analysis on each assignment, Maria produces highly effective results—everything from sales kits and catalogues to sophisticated magazine layouts and attention-getting ads. Part of francdesign since before her children were born, Maria’s grammar-school age son and daughter still inspire her daily.

Susan Cumins

A California girl now based in South Florida, Susan’s early career in fine art morphed auspiciously into creative, razor-sharp writing of communications and marketing copy for a dizzying range clients. In her two decades of collaboration with francdesign, she has crafted persuasive text for clients from environmental groups to banking to hospitality clients.


We are a creative and web design studio with a passion to engage located in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida. With over 30 years of experience, our responsive and experienced team are always inspired to take your communication needs to the next level. What can we create for you today? BRAND CREATION + MANAGEMENT / DIGITAL + SOCIAL / SOLID PRINT COMMUNICATION / GRAPHIC + RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN

DONE. it's our favorite word.